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1. The Reddit Connection That Got Me Into College - The New York Times

  • Dec 25, 2017 · I was trying to ace the SATs. It was 2011 and I had recently dropped out of a Maryland rabbinical seminary and moved back into my parents' house ...

  • After dropping out of rabbinical seminary, I was directionless. I spent a lot of time on the internet.

The Reddit Connection That Got Me Into College - The New York Times

2. Find list of PDFs of All Past SAT Tests - Official Reddit SAT Resource

  • Jan 6, 2023 · Links to All Tests: · Link 1: College Board's Official Practice Tests · Link 2: All Other QAS from May 2016 - October 2022 (Download and Save ...

  • This is one question we often get from our students at GuideMe - "where can we find the link to download all the past SAT Exams?" Here it is

Find list of PDFs of All Past SAT Tests - Official Reddit SAT Resource

3. October 2021 US SAT - Reddit Discussion Thread - McElroy Tutoring

4. Useful SAT Links - internationaltester

  • Free Materials and Information. College Board Website Tests. Khan Academy · (r/Sat and r/SATACTprep).

  • This is a list with links to the most useful SAT prep materials and websites I have found in my 18+ years of teaching the SAT.

5. r/Sat stats - Subreddit Stats

  • r/Sat stats ... Title: /r/SAT! Description: A forum to discuss the SAT and forms of preparation for taking the test. Visit to find - Help - Statistics - Practice ...

  • Statistics for every subreddit.

6. Frequently Asked Questions - Harvard College

  • Yes. Applicants may provide self-reported SAT and ACT test scores (including other standardized tests). Admitted students who self-report scores and decide to ...

  • There is no single academic path we expect all students to follow, but the strongest applicants take the most rigorous secondary school curricula available to them. An ideal four-year preparatory program includes four years of English, with extensive practice in writing; four years of math*; four years of science: biology, chemistry, physics, and an advanced course in one of these subjects; three years of history, including American and European history; and four years of one foreign language.

Frequently Asked Questions - Harvard College

7. How I went from a 1290 on the PSAT to a 1590 on the SAT in one year

  • Feb 7, 2020 · Big fans of Khan, PrepScholar blog, QAS tests, r/SAT. Somewhat fans of Erica Meltzer and SAT black book. Disliked Barron's. Original Reddit post.

  • So I saw a thread that u/boredandusingreddit posted about how they got their 1590 and I wanted to share some of my tips as well. People often ask me what resources I used but I feel it was a lot more than just resources that pulled me through. Of course, resources did help but my personal methods that I developed along the way helped as well.

8. How social media's biggest user protest rocked Reddit - The Guardian

  • Sat 30 Dec 2023 10.00 EST Last modified on Tue 2 Jan 2024 16.50 EST. In June, thousands of Reddit communities plunged into darkness – making their pages ...

  • A mass user protest six months ago over technical tweaks had big downstream effects, and now the ‘front page of the internet’ is changed for ever

How social media's biggest user protest rocked Reddit - The Guardian

9. [PDF] Bright Futures Student Handbook

  • All eligibility requirements must be met by high school graduation; however, scores of. ACT®/CLT®/SAT®/PERT tests taken through August 31 are accepted for ...

10. Unpacking the August SAT Cheating Scandal - Applerouth

  • Aug 30, 2018 · reported that many students were posting online on sites like · Reddit and College Confidential that they had prior exposure to the test items, ...

  • The College Board and ACT, Inc. have to stop recycling tests. It’s that simple. Earlier this week news Continue reading…

Unpacking the August SAT Cheating Scandal - Applerouth

11. The SAT Is Making A Comeback—Are You Prepared? - Forbes

  • 1 hour ago · In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ivy League universities swiftly embraced test-optional policies, signaling a momentous departure from ...

  • Given that many extensions will come to an end this cycle unless renewed, it is critical that students devote significant time and effort into excelling on these exams.

The SAT Is Making A Comeback—Are You Prepared? - Forbes

12. Test prep - Khan Academy

  • Digital SAT Math · Digital SAT Reading and Writing · LSAT · Praxis Core Math · Praxis Core Writing · Praxis Core Reading · MCAT · PISA.

  • This collection is being developed for the revised MCAT® exam that will first be administered in April 2015. The collection contains more than 1000 videos and 2800 practice questions. Content will be added to the collection through 2015. All content in this collection has been created under the direction of the Khan Academy and has been reviewed under the direction of the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges). All materials are categorized according to the pre-health competencies tested by the new MCAT exam; however, the content in this collection is not intended to prescribe a program of study for the new MCAT exam. These videos, questions, and articles are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License (available at The content is also included in the Pre-health Collection within MedEdPORTAL’s iCollaborative sponsored by the AAMC: *MCAT® is a program of the AAMC and related trademarks owned by the Association include Medical College Admission Test, MCAT, and MCAT2015. For more information about the MCAT exam, visit

Test prep - Khan Academy
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